Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Geeks: A Quote a Day

I saw that last week's Weekly Geeks theme was A Quote a Day. I got in too late in the week to participate, so I thought I'd just run mine a week late. I keep a book of favorite quotes that I'm constantly adding to, so this idea really appealed to me. This goes both ways...I'd love to hear your favorites, too!

First up...Father Melancholy's Daughter by Gail Godwin

"The feeling wasn't so different from the one I sometimes got during the reading of a really wonderful novel, when I would come across a character or a situation that so thoroughly filled the requirements of my imagination that I would have to stop and lay the book facedown on my chest and take a deep breath before going on."

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Ruth King said...

Oh, that is a beautiful quote! I really enjoyed last week's Weekly Geeks and I'm looking forward to the quotes you post this week!

I've just launched a feature on my blog where I'll be sharing a favorite quote each Friday. It's open to other participants if that's something you might be interested in. :)