Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Cooking: Two New Food Memoirs

Weekend Cooking is hosted by Beth Fish Reads.

If I read non-fiction, it's usually a memoir, and I'm particularly fond of food memoirs. (Check out my all-time favorites here.)

Two new releases recently caught my eye and are definitely on my "must-read" list:

From the prominent New York Times food writer, a memoir recounting the tough life lessons she learned from a generation of female cooks, including Marion Cunningham, Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl, Rachael Ray, and Marcella Hazan. (Amazon)

By Kate Moses
From the author of Wintering: A Novel of Sylvia Plath comes a funny, touching memoir of a crummy—and crumby—childhood. Filled with the abundance and joy that were so lacking in Kate’s youth, Cakewalk is a wise, loving tribute to life in all its sweetness as well as its bitterness and, ultimately, a recipe for forgiveness. (Amazon)

Also, I love the annual installments of Best Food Writing...and I just came across a similar series, Cornbread Nation (fifth edition just released), which spotlights the best of Southern food writing each year. Anyone familiar with these? Worth checking out?


caite said...

I just read a review of Spoon Fed somewhere...NYT...WSJ...I am not sure. It sounds interesting.

Beth F said...

I too just saw a review of Spoon Fed and put it on my list. Cakewalk is new to me (yay! thanks!). And also new to me is the Cornbread Nation. Definitely worth looking into. I'll be checking back to see if anyone is familiar with the series.

bermudaonion said...

I love food memoirs too! I'm adding these to my wish list too.

Margot said...

I'm a food memoir lover too. These two look good. I reviewed Best Food Writing 2009 a couple months ago and really liked it. A lot of the writing was from the internet. I'll have to look for the newest edition.

Diann said...

Both of these are new t me. thanks or the heads up!

Michele said...

Thanks for the heads-up....I need to check out Cornbread Nation. Southern cooking is so good for comfort food.

Esme said...

Thank you I had not heard of either of these.

avisannschild said...

I just saw Cakewalk on another blog and added it to my wish list. It sounds great!

mustafa said...

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