Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New York in the Fall

The past three books I have read have been heavier novels, emotionally charged and deep in content. That's why I'm ready to read One Fifth Avenue, the latest from Candace Bushnell. I need a lighter read, yet one that's still smart and well-written, and I think this one will fit the bill.

Plus, the fall always reminds me of when I moved to New York City, 11 years ago. It all happened very fast...I had an interview Halloween weekend, and I moved into my apartment the weekend before Thanksgiving.

So, right now, I'm feeling like reading a good NYC novel. I love reading about the people, the streets, the restaurants, the particulars of the city I loved and called home for awhile.

It reminds me of one of my favorite New York movies, You've Got Mail, when Tom Hanks' character says, "Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Great movie quote! I haven't been to NYC in the Fall but it IS my favorite time of year.

Amy said...

I miss fall! It's just not the same in Southern California! :) That's one of my favorite movie quotes.

Yasmin said...

How's Bushnell's book treating you?

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is one of my favorite lines from You've Got Mail!

Jill said...

Yasmin, I'm almost done. I haven't had as much reading time this week...but I'm loving this book.